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How Are We Different?

At James E. Bishop, we pride ourselves on the personal approach we take towards each patient. You are not a number when you visit us. Our team approach to complex dental needs ensures a consistently high aesthetic and functional result. We plan with each other before starting treatment, work together on each step, review to see all is proceeding well and follow-up long-term. These have been the keys to success with our patient outcomes.

With so many changes in the field of Dentistry over the 30 years that we have been providing care, one thing remains the same: our commitment to quality care. Whatever it is that you are looking for we pledge to provide expert, consistent and respectful care to you and your family now and well into the future.

When you choose us we commit to:

  • Patient education
  • Clear explanation of treatment plan and options
  • One-on-one care with familiar faces
  • Running on time
  • Keeping our fees low so care is affordable
  • Being completely open to feedback
  • Standing behind our work and long-term commitment to you and your family

We are centrally located with easy access to anywhere in the Quad Cities. There is plenty of on-site parking and access for those with special needs. There is no double booking at our office. Your appointment time is respected. Your safety always comes first. Infection control and cleanliness are always top priority. We have proven technologies and use superior materials. We give you information you can understand, and will always take the time to answer questions.

Ultra Violet Filtration Added for Your Protection

We are doing everything possible to ensure your family’s personal safety and confidence in continuing dental care with us. Ultra Violet Filtration runs 24/7 throughout the office’s ventilation system. This kills Covid-19 and all viruses as well as providing us with a continuous source of clean air.

The addition of double-masks, face shields, single-use or laundered gowns and constant handwashing is something that we feel will be part of our new protocol for a long time. Change is good. Change is necessary in our evolving world of Covid-19. When you see us, even for a routine cleaning and exam, expect our health screening including a current medical history, temperature check, insistence on mask wearing and social distancing (aren’t we all sick of that term). Not only are these measures for your safety and ours, but these are mandates nation-wide in Dentistry.

So please, everyone stay healthy and safe and come see us when you feel ready. Just like the nation, we closed down March 17th. We started seeing our patients with emergencies of pain and swelling starting March 18th. We have been seeing our patients throughout this pandemic, and will continue to be available and accessible moving through these trying times.

Oral-Facial Pain as it Relates to Covid-19

Do you feel recent pain to your teeth and/or jaw?

Are you suffering more frequent or severe headaches and stiffness in your neck and shoulders?

You are not alone. Nation-wide, dental offices are reporting widespread increases in patient clenching due to Covid-19 stress in their lives. We have a simple, affordable, drug-free approach to help you manage clenching and pain: a dental bite guard.

Bite guards, properly made and fitted, are highly successful and easy to adapt into your routine. If the pain goes away, wearing a bite guard, usually only at night, is easy.

Let’s consider the consequences of untreated clenching:

  • Tooth pain leading to nerve damage
  • Headaches
  • Neck stiffness and pain
  • Shoulder muscle pain (trigger points)
  • Cracked and broke teeth (especially molars with existing fillings)
  • Split teeth requiring extraction
  • All of the above

Go ahead, browse the internet, but don’t buy an internet “miracle appliance”, they fail 100% of the time. In 35+ years, I have successfully made over 1000 devices for clenching, snoring (which I wear myself), TMJ pain and oral-facial pain. Simply put, if they did not work, I would not make them. Experience here is the key. It has taken me 35 years to hone my skills of guiding patients to the best appliance to meet their needs. Follow-up is just as important. We expect you to have your appliance for 5 to 15 years, and we will always support your efforts at home to achieve your success.

Don’t live with the pain. Don’t wait until you split a tooth in half. Successful treatment with our approach is easy and swift. Some appliances are ready in one week. We will help you find the best answer, improving the quality of each day.

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